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Avoid Scraping your windshields:

When the temperature reaches – 15oC, it becomes totally difficult to drive with virtually zero visibility. OrisFan offers the ideal solution to this problem, by defrosting your windshields and windows before departure. With its outlets directly on the front and rear windshields, OrisFan defrosts them in less than 5 minutes. Efficiency guaranteed.

No driving phobia in winter:

Feeling the cold weather, driving becomes unbearable.  Never mind, OrisFan gives you the comfort for the pleasure of driving. This small device preheats the interior of your car with one single click.

Feel comfortable:

To avoid freezing in vehicles, many people start it to preheat the interior before boarding. This leads to high gas consumption, resulting in additional costs. OrisFan allows to get over this issue by bringing you a sustainable solution. Preheat the interior of your vehicle without starting your engine and all that from your home. Save fuel throughout the winter.

Green Houses Gases Reduction:

In addition to excessive gas consumption, preheating the interior of vehicles by starting the engine causes significant environmental pollution. Vehicles’ exhaust produces Greenhouse Gases which is the main cause of global warming. OrisFan was designed to avoid this GHG emission. By using OrisFan, you participate in GHGs reduction and therefore, in the environment protection.

Avoid vehicle stolen risks:

Police report several stolen vehicles due to remote or local engine start during winter. Letting your engine run to preheat the interior of your vehicle increases the risk of steal. With OrisFan, no need to risk your vehicle being stolen.

Avoid Idling:

Do you know that all major cities in Canada and the United States do not allow vehicles idling? Several cities prohibit more than 3 minutes vehicles idling. Avoid being fine by the city bylaw with Orisfan. No need to idling your engine.

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